St. Mary’s Educational Society

Established in 1981, the Saint Mary’s Educational Society is the brainchild of Mr. B Arogya Reddy.

For over three decades now, the Saint Mary’s Educational Society has consciously and rather systematically spread it’s wings across the State of Telangana to ensure that quality education is available across a diverse age group.

In 1982, the St. Mary’s Junior College at Basheerbagh in Hyderabad, considering as one of the best junior colleges in Hyderabad, was the first institute to be debuted under the Society’s umbrella. Subsequently three other world-class education institutes committed to providing holistic and quality education were established – St. Mary’s College at Yousufguda (Hyderabad), Sancta Maria International School at Serilingampally (Hyderabad), and St. Mary’s Junior College at Jubilee Hills (Hyderabad). The Society is now preparing for the launch of two of its most ambitious projects – Schola Maria, near Kurnool, and South State Business School at Chevella.

The Saint Mary’s Educational Society is spearheaded by Mr. B. Arogya Reddy, President & Chairman, Mr. B. Mahender Reddy, the Chief Executive Officer, and Mrs. Y. Mary Reddy, Secretary and Correspondent.  

Mr B. Arogya Reddy

Mr B. Arogya Reddy

Mr. B. Mahender Reddy

Mr. B. Mahender Reddy

Mrs. Y. Mary Reddy

Mrs. Y. Mary Reddy

The Journey

St Mary's Group Journey


St Mary's stands out from other colleges in its commitment to holistic education. My time here has been nothing short of amazing in everything a student could want. The individualized experience they have created has provided me with numerous support to excel in exams and in preparing for my future. The lecturers understand students' unique learning styles and adjust their teaching methods to create a personalized and effective learning experience. They tailor revision schedules, provide tips, and focus on areas to ensure every child has the tools required to succeed in their pursuits. While offering a supportive community, they also focus on developing self-reliance outside the classroom and strongly emphasize their students' well-being. They encourage students to pursue their extracurricular interests through competitions, celebrations, and talent shows that have made me a myriad of unforgettable memories. I'm grateful for the wonderful experience St Mary's has provided me during Intermediate – a momentous time in every student's life.

Advita Gelli - II MPC 2022

Returning to the routine of student life after the COVID pandemic was challenging, but my college experience made it much smoother. The teachers were incredibly supportive and ensured we understood everything we were learning. The college organised many fun activities like intramurals, allowing us to showcase our talents and bond with other students. In retrospect, my college experience was truly invaluable. I learned so much during my time there, not just in the classroom but about myself and the world around me. The college environment was one that fostered personal growth and development, and I am much more prepared for the challenges that await me. Shout-out to all the teachers who checked my progress regularly and provided unwavering support. I’m so grateful to the teachers who gave me crucial guidance that I needed for my future.

Harshitha - II MEC 2022

From the moment I set foot on the campus, I knew that I had made the right decision in choosing St. Mary’s. The two years I spent here helped me not only in my academics but also to be a better person. The faculty members have in-depth knowledge in their respective fields and helped us all to perfect the subject. They treated us like their own children, and the guidance we received from them was precious. The lecturers gave each student personal attention to ensure they were thorough with the concepts. They were always ready to assist me when I had doubts and patiently explained a topic multiple times. Unlike most junior colleges, apart from academics, we also had a lot of extra-curricular activities such as college intramural and competitions. I was given a lot of opportunities to showcase my talents. St. Mary’s considers these extra-curricular activities as important as academics. The faculty pushed all the students to participate and gave them a stage to express themselves and shine.

Since the first few months of college were online due to the pandemic, I was sceptical about making friends. Although once everybody started coming to college, St. Mary’s had a welcoming environment, and it was easy to talk to new people and make friends. I made a lot of life-long friends thanks to St. Mary’s. I could not have asked for a better college experience, and I highly recommend this institution to anyone seeking quality education along with personal growth.

Sherwin MEC - 2022