In the News – St Mary’s Junior College Jubilee Hills Campus, Hyderabad


A. Purushotham

We are delighted to share with you that our student, A. Purushotham, from St. Mary’s Junior College -Jubilee Hills secured a Bronze Medal in the 5th International Karate Championship at Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata, West Bengal.

Congratulations Purushotham! You make us proud.


Intermediate French Activity

The Department of Second Languages at St. Mary’s Junior College, Jubilee Hills conducts “Sentence Formation Game” in French for the Intermediate second-year students. A day full of brainstorming sessions, group work and vocabulary building!


French National Day Celebration @ St. Mary’s Junior College, Jubilee Hills

Le Jour De La Bastille or French National Day commemorates the Storming of the Bastille on 14th July 1789. The students at the college organized French culture themed Quiz Competition, the winners of which were:

  • Maaz Khan (II MPC EAMCET)
  • Farhan Syed (II MPC EAMCET) and
  • Ahsan Syed Vaseem (II MPC EAMCET)

The ambience was made to give an insight into the French culture with a passionately curated Sports Corner and a display of delicious French cuisines.

A special thanks to the students for organizing the event.


  • Sprisha Kaundinya (II MPC EAMCET)
  • Koena Rayal (II MEC)

Decoration Courtesy

  • Saahil (I MPC (R))- Famous French Personalities Sketches
  • Hannah Alankriti (I MEC)- Famous French Cartoons

Photograph Courtesy

  • Syed Maaz
  • Apurup Abraham

French Activity

We are Frenching it up at St. Mary’s Junior College, Jubilee Hills!

The Department of Second Languages conducts Harloge De la Semaine for the Intermediate first-year students. Students learned a great deal as they indulged in drawing a clock of weekdays with a twist of their own creativity, sharing ideas and producing fine pieces of art.


Arabic Activity

The Department of Second Languages conducts a recitation of the Holy Qur’an for intermediate first and second-year students. The students have an insightful deliberation after they render “Surah-al-Fateha” at St. Mary’s Junior College, Jubilee Hills.




Career Launcher, a premier coaching institute, felicitates Avani Reddy, an alumnus of St. Mary’s Junior College, Jubilee Hills for emerging successful in top ranked law universities such as NALSAR and Symbiosis. Apart from being academically smart, Avani also ranks 98th in India’s top-ranked women tennis players. Congratulations, Avani! You make us proud.



Devashish, an alumnus, in conversation with the students of St. Mary’s Junior College, Jubilee Hills during a program called ‘Wise- Words’. Devashish shared his extra-ordinary journey of accomplishing his childhood dream of a career and multimedia and his father’s desire for him to become a chartered accountant. A volunteer at BAPS (BochasanwasiAksharPurushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha,an international socio-spiritual organization) and part of “Transcendence: My Spiritual Experiences with Pramukh Swamiji” by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Devashish left the audience mesmerized with his oratory skills.




English activity

A fresh twist to the famous NAME, PLACE, ANIMAL, THING. In a CITY, which is famed for its FOOD, adding CITY and FOOD in the ‘Categories Game’ had to be the ultimate upgrade. Here are the first-year intermediate students at St. Mary’s Junior College, Jubilee Hills enjoying as they learn and have fun!



Hindi Activity

Tenses don’t tense anymore! And neither does Hindi!
A day full of grammar, group activities and more as students at St. Mary’s Junior College, Jubilee Hills attend a workshop on Tenses- Hindi.



Academic Rankers, Events

M.S.S. Datta Prasad

M.S.S. Datta Prasad II-MPC-JEE, won II place in Vodafone Sub junior National Shot Put Event held at Gachibowli, on 12th February 2019.


When asked to inscribe a few words about my alma mater, as a proudSt. Marian, I consented at once, not just out of reverence or loyalty but more so because of what this college meant to me - A place of true learning which provided me not just the knowledge, but the skills, mindset, and moral standards required for a successful career and life in general.
Thirty years ago I opted for SMJC not just for its academic rigor but also for its reputation of being a hip & urbane college and its emphasis on holistic education catering towards the growth of a student’s intellectual, emotional, and creative faculties. A lot has changed since then, but I am glad that the college did not succumb to the temptation of going the regressive way of other corporate colleges and stayed true to its core motto of providing well-rounded holistic education.

Hence, when it was time to choose a college for my son, even with a multitude of options available, the decisive choice was SMJC again. Now after a year, I am glad that my son is quite happy with the choice and he considers SMJC as his second home.

Although he regrets not having open spaces for physical activity, he is nevertheless content with the positive vibe of campus life, opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities, friendly and supportive faculty. A big shout-out to his favorite teachers:

• Ratna Mam (Economics) – For her out-of-box & inquiry-driven teaching approach and also for being a mother-figure to students with ever caring disposition.
• Deepa Mam (French) - For her engaging & passionate teaching style.
• Srinivas Sir (Accounting) – For being a committed mentor and providing constantsupport.
• Madhavi Mam (Principal) – For being a proactive administrator who has an ear to the ground with regards to all that transpires on campus.

At a time, when academic grades have become be-all and end-all means of gauging student’s capability, it is indeed comforting to know that for those parents who seek alternative to mainstream pedagogy for their wards, they can rely on institutions such as SMJC that go beyond academic rigor and offer true learning experience which teaches students not just for the test but for life and truly prepare them for the world beyond the classroom.


My intermediate at St. Mary’s will forever remain a very important part of my life. The faculty members treated each one of us like their own children and took care and guided us in the same way. However there are a few specific people who were always ready to go the extra mile to help us. My personal favourites are Akshara Singh mam and Radha Varada ma’am who were always there to help and support me in all aspects. Apart from education, the college also had us involved in community services that helped us appreciate what we have in life and also taught us the joy of giving back to the needy such as the trips to the orphanage.  From being a brat, to now a responsible professional, St. Mary’s has helped me come a long way and I can never thank my teachers enough for this.

Ali Asgar Gulabi

I joined St. Mary’s in 2008, the academic year had already started and I came in about two months later after spending some time at a different college. I settled in quite quickly and comfortably. My classmates were quite friendly and so was the faculty, that realized that I had just moved from Commerce to Science (yes, I did that) and helped me catch up on what I had missed.

The best part about this college is that the management understands that academics isn’t the only thing one needs to focus on and they encourage co-curricular activities and do not discourage mischief as long as you don’t cross the line. I made some really great friends while in my intermediate and we managed to be quite mischievous without getting into much trouble. 

I absolutely loved being at St. Mary’s. To back my above statement of the management being quite encouraging, I could quote a personal example; I couldn’t clear two subjects in my first attempt in the first year and had quite average grades throughout. The college recognized and acknowledged my skills outside of academics and awarded me as the best student of my class (MPC 2008-10).

The journey was absolutely incredible. It was quite an easy decision for me to continue at St. Mary’s for my degree as well where I had 3 more years of great fun while learning, playing sports, doing a valuable internship and bagging a good job offer from campus placements.

I’m grateful to the college for where I am in life today. Thank you very much, St. Mary’s!  

Dev Shahani

It is said that when given a good opportunity, one should never let it go. I am really glad I got an opportunity to be a student at St. Mary's Junior College. My journey in this college has been so amazing that it is hard to describe it in a few words. I made some amazing friends and most of all I got great guidance from teachers and a supporting Principal. I am really thankful to all my teachers for always having faith in me and motivating me so I could prove myself and show everyone the real me. These two years were amongst the best years of my life and I feel blessed to be a part of such a glorious institution


St. Mary's is a very good college with comfortable college timings and a fantastic faculty. They treat us like their children, mix learning with fun and try to take feedback from students on the way they want to be taught, which is unlike any college. The college tries to inculcate various extracurricular activities which is good for all-around development. The college needs to put in more time for breaks as it was a little shorter than the required time but overall, I had one of the best experiences as an intermediate college student and would love to relive the experience of being a St. Marian!

Sholk Joshi

St.  Mary's to me is the best in terms of everything that a student can ask for. Each and every member of the college, including the lecturers of course, strives very hard to ensure that the needs and problems of each student are addressed.

The lecturers of my course (MEC) were really supportive and approachable. Most of them were available even after the college hours to help students with the respective subjects. It's only because of the teachers that I was able to score so well in subjects like economics and mathematics. Also the comfortable college timings allow us to do so many other things and pursue other interests too.



I am glad to share about my positive journey at St. Mary’s Junior College, a place where you can find an amalgamation of learning, fun and an excellent culture. While the students are allowed to be themselves, the environment helps them discover their true potential. While they are not pressurized to perform, they develop a passion to give their best. The Principal and her team of lecturers understand the vision and mission of the college and are always willing to help students achieve their dreams. The overall atmosphere is stress-free. The faculty is knowledgeable and experienced. With their friendly approach, students develop a desire to learn. I am ever so grateful to this institution since it helped me shape my future by laying a strong foundation of knowledge, ethics and values.

Vashini Liora

During my golden precious college days as a proud student of St. Mary’s Junior College, I always felt that I was lucky to be gifted by the finest Principal and teachers. My parents are proud of my decision to choose St. Mary's Junior college. Every faculty is a gem, along with all the support staff. Every teacher treats the student as their children. They remove all the insecurities from a student and help them fly high in the sky. I would like to thank each and every lecturer who has helped me learn, grow and blossom in a way that makes my life at college unforgettable. 

Amalavanan Rithika

We have a pleasant as well as competitive atmosphere in College. The faculty is friendly. Teachers are always ready to extend their timings and clarify our doubts personally. The faculty never puts any pressure on the students. Instead, they help students to solve their issues and give them tips to study without pressure. They teach the students in the best way. Other colleges concentrate only on studies whereas our college encourages us to participate in extracurricular activities. This helps in personality growth as well as improves our communication skills which are useful in our future. For people who want to develop their personality along with studies, the best option for them is St. Mary’s College.

S  Sai Sampreeth