Leadership Team

Principal & Director, St. Mary’s Junior College(s)

Ms. T V N Asha Murthy

Ms. T V N Asha Murthy

Ms. Asha Murthy holds a rich experience of close to three decades, in the field of education in both teaching and management capacity. A proven leader, who has inspired and motivated high-performance teams, Ms. Murthy is recognized for driving strategic initiatives, improving operational efficiencies, boosting organizational performance and leading change. She is a graduate in Economics and English Literature from Andhra University and holds a master’s degree in Economics from MS University, Vadodara, Gujrat. Having been associated with St. Mary’s Junior College(s) for more than twenty-six years, she is currently serving as the Director of the Group’s Junior Colleges and as Principal of St. Mary’s Junior College, Basheerbagh.

Her leadership has been instrumental in structuring and drawing recognition to the junior colleges. Along with her strong mentoring and leadership skills, she has the ability to communicate well and build sound relationships with the management, staff, parents, students and other stakeholders. Her efforts in creating an efficient organization with strong teaching talent and workforce, managing operations, and driving growth are commendable. 

Heads of Department

Mr. Vijay Kumar A J B

Head - Department of English – M.A. (Nagarjuna University)

Holding a Master’s degree in English, Mr. Vijay has an exceptional command in the language. He comes with an experience of over two decades imparting a love for the language.

Dr. Syed Khaja Abdul Muqthader

Head - Department of Arabic – M.A. & Ph.D. (Osmania University)

An author of the Arabic textbook prescribed by the Board of Intermediate Education, a member of the IPE question paper committee of TSBIE, Dr. Khaja, is a master of his subject by all means. In addition to Arabic, he also holds expertise in Science. With a career spanning over three decades, he nurtures students with utmost approachability and patience.

Ms. Devyani Dash

Head - Department of French – M.A. (EFLU)

Ms. Devyani has done her Master’s in French from the renowned English and Foreign Languages University. She holds over three decades of experience in imparting and instilling a love for the language. Apart from French, she is also a passionate writer in Bengali. She is popularly known for her command over the subject and a love for discipline.

Mr. Om Prakash

Head - Department of Hindi – M.A. (Osmania University), M. Phil. & Diploma in Translation (D.B.H.P.S.)

Mr. Om holds a Master’s degree from Osmania University and an M.Phil. in Hindi. He also holds a Diploma in Translation. He comes with a rich experience of more than two decades and brings life to the language in every class he conducts.

Ms. Shantha J

Head- Department of Sanskrit – M.A. Sanskrit (Osmania University), B. Ed. (Anna Malai University)

Ms. Shantha J has a Master’s in Sanskrit and a Bachelor’s in Education. She also holds a deep-rooted love for the English language. Having a teaching experience of close to three decades, she is an exceptional teacher and an excellent counsellor.

Mr. Krishna Kumar K

Head- Department of Mathematics - M.Sc. Mathematics (Sri Krishna Devaraya University)

With an ocean of knowledge, Mr. Kumar has his way with Mathematics like no other. Bringing along over three decades of experience as a Mathematics teacher, he imbibes wit and humour in the subject that makes his students love working with numbers.

Mr. Sudhakar M

Head- Department of Physics - M. Sc. Physics (Osmania University)

Holding a Master’s degree in Physics, Mr. Sudhakar has a deep-rooted love for the subject. He comes with more than six years of experience and is known for his methods of simplifying the subject for his students and has also qualified for the Andhra Pradesh State Eligibility Test (APSET).

Mr. N Jitendra Kumar

Head- Department of Chemistry – M.Sc. Chemistry (Osmania University)

Mr. N Jitendra Kumar holds an M. Sc. in Chemistry from Osmania University. He loves Chemistry to the core. He is a professional and known for his discipline. He has more than two decades of rich experience to his credit.

Mr. Praveen Eric

Head-Department of Economics – M.A. Economics (Osmania University)

Mr. Eric has done his Master’s in Economics and holds a rich experience of over two decades as a teacher. With strong communication skills and spontaneity, he brings life to the subject delivering it with utmost creativity.

Mr. Dinesh Vyas

Head- Department of Commerce - M.Com., B. Ed. (Osmania University)

Holding a Master’s in Commerce and Bachelor’s in Education, Mr. Dinesh comes with a rich teaching experience of over a decade. Soft in nature and having mastered his subject in all aspects, he works closely with students to simplify learning and make it a joyous experience.


ST.MARY’S JUNIOR COLLEGE, Basheerbagh has been a great blessing for me. The guidance and support from the Principal and Lecturers is incredible. They are fantastically knowledgeable, highly experienced, motivational, responsible, full of energy, caring and clearly dedicated for the welfare of the students. ST.MARY’S, I can say, has helped me beyond words for making me confident and successful and most importantly for giving me direction in life. What I love about this institution is the colossal presence of the principal who encourages students at every step. I am overwhelmed and filled with so much respect and gratitude for my alma mater.

Girish Ramwani (2016-2018)

All-India 5th Ranker in CPT examinations 2018

My sojourn in ST.MARY’S JUNIOR COLLEGE ,BASHEERBAGH has been a wonderful experience to cherish. Sports and games have been an integral part of this distinguished college and as a sportswoman I have benefitted a lot from it. Our Principal Ma’am has played a pivotal role in my life, guiding me and going out her way to help me. The dedicated and committed lecturers have helped me academically as I was missing my regular classes due my national and international commitment. I will ever be indebted to ST. Mary’s for the continuous encouragement and support I  received from the college.

Buddha Aruna Reddy (2011-2013)

First Indian Gymnast to clinch a medal at Gymnastics World Cup

What a blessing to be a part of ST. MARY’S, an institution par excellence , which contributed a lot for what I am today. It is a college with a difference, where the principal and the teachers are real mentors who have moulded my personality into one of courage and commitment. I am so proud to be the alumnus of this prestigious institution. A big thanks to all my Mentors at  St.Mary’s!

Harshit Maheswari (2013-2015)

MR INDIA -Star life 2017 First Runner-up

I am immensely proud to be the Alumnus of my Alma Mater, ST.MARY’S JUNIOR COLLEGE, BASHEERBAGH. It chiselled me into a man of will and determination. It taught me the core values of life and prepared me to face the challenges in life. Learning for me was a pleasure at St.Mary’s. SMJC is a place where you will progress in two fields. First would be academics, the faculty is such that they would always be looking forward to take an extra mile to ensure that the learning curve is as steep as possible. The second in terms of personality, an aspect the importance of which only time tells. I salute the management, Principal and my dear teachers for making me what I am today.

Vinay Jain (2013-2015)

B.Com (Honours) from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi

When I decided to study Civics Economics and Commerce in my intermediate, my parents did not agree to it. Sticking to my decision, I walked into St. Mary’s Junior College in the year 2009 and the rest is history I should say. My lecturers  imbibed  confidence in me and that made me push myself beyond boundaries in achieving things academically or otherwise. St. Mary’s has prepared me to face the world. My relationship did not end after finishing my course. Years down the lane , I still seek suggestions from my lecturers in my career preferences. I am glad that St.Mary’s happened to me!

Jella Harsha Sai (2009-2011)

Head-Content, Specialist, ITE&C Department, Government of Telangana